Kashmere Kollections Review

Recently, Kashmere Kollections was kind enough to send me an Influencer Starter Kit via AMB Agents. I received four travel sized products to review. I have tried each product multiple times throughout this past week and, although I don’t believe a week is long enough to see long term results, I have been able to draw a few conclusions based on my experiences.

Luxurious Skin Toning Oil

Product Description: Bring dehydrated, dull, lackluster skin back to life with this fast-absorbing luxurious body oil.

Full Size Product: 4oz
MSRP: $59

Personal Experience: I applied this to my legs, arms, and chest. The smell is amazing! Very beachy vibes. The formula didn’t leave me feeling like a grease ball and just left a nice, sun kissed glow about me. My skin felt hydrated and soft.

Firming Lotion

Product Description: Visibly tightens, while improving the appearance of skin texture in common problem areas susceptible to cellulite.

Full Size Product 6.8oz
MSRP: $70

Personal Experience: Again, this lotion has a very lovely smell similar to the oil, just a little less pungent. I applied this product focusing it on my thighs and stomach area. Although, I don’t believe that a week is long enough to see actual results of tightening, I do believe this lotion left my skin feeling moisturized and soft. I would apply any left over product on the rest of my body and really enjoyed the way it felt. I did not use it on my face as I’m not sure it is suitable for the face. This lotion did give me similar vibes to SOL de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.

Sunless Tanning Lotion

Product Description: Infused with anti-oxidant rich vitamins and anti-aging seaweed extracts, promotes the ultimate faux glow.

Full Size Product: 1 oz
Buy 2 Get 1 Free MSRP: $28

Personal Experience: Other than the smell [I know, I know! I sound like a broken record but this company has fragrance on point!], this product was a bust for me. It left a very faint, sun-kissed color to my skin but, as someone who is extremely pale, I was expecting a little more. I did make sure to exfoliate in the shower prior to using the product so it would go on evenly and apply nicely. It just didn’t work for me. I think this one boils down to personal preference. I prefer a mousse formula as opposed to a lotion and I also typically reach for anything that says dark or ultra dark on it.

Side note: On their website, I could only find this in a set of Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Purifying Masque

Product Description: A powerful combination of clay & glycolic acid helps, detoxify, purify, and address uneven skin-tone.

Full Size Product: 2 oz
MSRP: $49

Personal Experience: This is probably my favorite product I received. It really left my face feeling squeaky clean and healthy. The directions recommended that you use it daily for the first week and then use as needed. However, on day 2 of use, my skin almost immediately felt as though it was on fire and I washed it off right away. I switched to every other day throughout the week and seemed to have no further issues after that. I will continue to use this product as needed and, of the four products I was able to try out, this would be my top recommendation, even with the set back of day 2.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very pleased with this little bundle I was sent. I would recommend these products to anyone looking for that luxurious, at home spa day!

The products are a little pricey in my opinion but you can opt for a subscribe and save method if you know you’re going to continue using these products and want to save a little extra cash.

Thank you Kashmere Kollections for allowing me to review and demonstrate a few of your products!

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