A woman should be two things:

who & what she wants

Taking care of yourself

is part of taking care of your kids.

glamour shot

A little bit of grit mixed with a little bit of glam

Being a mom is the best.  Being a boy mom; even better!  But I am here to speak up for mamas everywhere: we are more than just a messy bun!  We are bosses.  We are sexy.  We are dreamers.  We are creative.  We are women.

i never know what to say when people ask what my hobbies are.

i mean, i'm a mom

I enjoy trips to the bathroom alone and silence.
beautiful mom 1
beautiful mom 3
beautiful mom 4

Boy Mom

It's an experience not a description.

full Time Employee

Working mom here! 48 hrs on the clock doesn't make me a bad mom.

Self-Taught Makeup Enthusiast

I pretend to know what I'm doing.

Contact Me

I'd love to hear from you.

Sometimes mamas just need to vent, rant, talk to someone.  I can be that someone.  We are in this together.