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5 Mamas Time Out Activities

As parents, our lives undoubtedly become mass chaos.  We get so completely wrapped up in fundraisers and lunch account balances and soccer practice that it’s easy to forget about our own, individual lives. We forget that mamas need a time out too!

On top of the stress of parenting, there’s the added work stress.  As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a full-time [overtime] working mom.   My husband is a stay at home dad.  While I’m away for those 50 or so hours a week, he’s subjected to homework, cartoons, video games, story time – all the fun!  So when Saturday rolls around, he’s done, checked out, kaput!  Which makes asking him to watch the kids even a second longer that much more difficult.

Now, my husband has never discouraged me from doing anything.  This guilt has purely been brought on by my own anxious mind.  However, over the years, I have learned, mama needs her time too!  My friendships are relationships that need attention as well!

Here are 5 great ideas for Mamas Time Out



Just being able to enjoy a simple meal is extremely liberating.  Not having to forcibly share your food.  Being able to eat at your own pace and maybe even have a drink [or two].

Spa day

Nothing beats a great mani/pedi combo.  And when you’re able to bring your girlfriends, it’s that much more enjoyable!   Most salons offer at least one complimentary drink to help you relax even more.  Don’t be afraid to inquire if you’re not immediately offered a refreshment.


There are a couple of options here.  You can go out to the theater and see what’s new.  Or you can pick a house and watch a classic. We have actually created a theater room, with a projector and screen to add to the ambiance.

movie projector

Another fun option is an interactive theater.  Some examples around town here are the Screenland Armour or the Alamo Drafthouse Theater.  They will show a cult classic usually and have props and encourage their viewers to quote, sing, and use provided props throughout the movie.  It’s more about the experience and coming together for the love of the movie than actually watching the movie.

Round of Drinks

Round of drinks

I feel the least guilt when I’m able to go out after the kids are in bed.  This is kind of a win win for both me and my husband.  I am able to meet up with friends for a few drinks and laughs while he’s able to be in a quiet house and enjoy time to himself as well. 

Pajama Party

Sorry to tell you men, us girls will never outgrow a good sleepover.  Wine, junk food, gossip, games, movies – not having to worry about driving or staying out too late. It’s truly a magical time for girls of all ages.

What do you do when you and your fellow mamas needs a time out? What are your favorite kid free, spouse free things to do? Leave a comment down below!

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