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5 Totally Obtainable Goals for 2020

I have never been the type to set goals and expectations for myself.  I’ve always been a live by the seat of your pants type girl; take life as it comes.  But I’ve learned throughout these past several years of being a mom, that lifestyle is not exactly the best.  Children need structure and guidance.  They need happy and healthy parents to set good examples for them so they follow in respectable footprints.  So I have decided to set 5 totally obtainable goals for myself this year that will not only benefit me, but my family as well.

1. Wake Up Early…er

I know this seems so simple.  But mama loves to sleep.  And my work schedule doesn’t exactly help with the sleeping in.   Two days a week I’m up, at the latest, 4 am but then three days I’m not getting home from work til midnight.  But I want to make an effort to get up earlier on those days.  Any time I do wake up at a reasonable hour, I feel more productive and typically in a better mood. 

2. Take my mental health more serious

For a long time I denied my mental well-being the attention it deserved.  That is until last year, I reached my breaking point.  My anxiety was at an all time high, I wasn’t happy doing anything, I couldn’t find the motivation to do the simplest of tasks.  So I reached out for help and got myself on a path that can put my mind at ease, at least a little bit. It’s an on going process but I’m getting there.

3. Take better care of my home

I have never been a very tidy person. There are times I look around my house and am downright embarrassed.  I know having two young children doesn’t help but this year I’m determined to get a cleaning schedule in place and enforce it.  My oldest is at the age now where he is more than capable of helping out and possibly earning an allowance.  Maybe it’s time for a chore chart?   Anyone have any good suggestions on how to make chores “fun” for a six year old?   Leave a comment down below if you do! 

4. Take a Damn Vacation

 My husband and I had an amazing honeymoon.   We went to Orlando and stayed in a resort at universal studios [yes, we’re big kids] and we went to the beach [my first visit] and had a truly magical time.   That was over three years ago.  [It’ll be four in May].  We are long overdue for an actual vacation.  2020 is the year. It is time we get away.  Does anyone have any suggestions on a good vacation spot?  What’s the best bang for our buck?   We thought about a cruise, maybe?  But I know I would like to start the planning and saving now.

5. Work on this Blog

And of course, I want to continue to learn and grow this blog.  There is so much I have yet to learn and so much I already have.  I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you may have for a newbie such as myself.   Sound off in the comments down below.  

So there you have it, my 5 obtainable goals of 2020. What are your totally obtainable goals you’ve set for yourself this year? Are any the same as mine? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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