First Impression on Aprés Nails Gel-X Nail Extension Kit

As COVID-19 has continued spreading its chaos across the nation, we’re all feeling the affects of the things we took for granted: toilet paper, cereal, hair and nail salons. I, for one, can not go on without my nails. I am sacrificing enough of my first world problems, but I have to draw the line somewhere!

Recently, I watched a video by Alissa Ashley on YouTube on how she does her nails at home and it immediately got my attention. So I began watching more and more reviews on the same Aprés Nails Gel-X Extension Kit, pricing it out, and came to the conclusion of why not?

I placed my order with Aprés on 3/28/20 and received it on 4/3/20. Which, considering all that’s going on in the world, seems pretty reasonable. I got the cheapest kit for a few different reasons.

  1. I’m spending my own money and it’s not exactly cheap.
  2. I wasn’t sure if I could even do this myself.


The total cost after it was all said and done was $144.99. Shipping was free. Now, as I stated before I used my own money and this isn’t exactly a cheap gamble. But I figured it up and if this does end up being a success, that is about 2 full sets for me. Let me say it louder for those in the back; if I use this kit twice, it’s paid for itself! When I stop and think about it this way, it kind of makes me sick on how much money I spend a year on my nails. My nails are just apart of who I am though. Makeup and nails. That’s all I personally need to keep my “body image” in check.

The Aprés Nails Gel-X Extension Kit

The basic Gel-X Nail Extension System comes with the following:

  • pH bonder
  • Non-Acidic gel primer
  • Extend gel
  • Top gel coat
  • 2w mini LED light
  • 100/180 nail file
  • Storage case

Then you are able to select your style of tips. I went with the sculpted long stiletto [my normal, everyday nail].

Two things that I ended up using or wishing I had was a tool to clean up my cuticles to prep my nail and a nail drill. Now, I made due this time without the drill and used a tiny file that I happened to have on hand to rough up the inside of the nails, but I immediately got a little drill off Amazon for next time.

The Process

I wish I had taken photos or video of the process but there was already the stress of being a first time user and the kids running wild; the added stress of filming was just not going to happen. I plan on doing a follow up post about how these hold up, remove, and I will do another set and hopefully, I’ll be able to show the process then.

It does come with a little instruction card, however, there are a few step I would recommend doing slightly different. Before you apply any gel to your nail, I would highly recommend sizing your tips and prepping them first.

Also, you may want to practice how you plan on holding each nail under the little light as it can get frustrating if you’re trying to figure it out as you go. [Me]

Other than those couple little tips, everything was pretty straight-forward. If you are still a little weary of what to do, watch a few YouTube videos for reference.

I did shape them a little bit more to my liking but it was very minor and you could totally get away with how they look right out of the box. I then painted them and cured them and cleaned up around the cuticles a little better.

The Nails and My Final Thoughts

If you are like me and love having your nails done, I would highly recommend Aprés Nails! If you are looking to save some money or just can’t get into a salon at the moment; look into this kit!

They feel just as strong as when I walk out of a salon. The better I get at placement and application, I don’t think anyone will be able to tell the difference.

I am usually extremely extra when it comes to my nails. Normally, I don’t just do one color. I am that bitch with gems and designs and tiny intricate details done. Now I am looking into how to achieve these things and still be able to do them myself.

I will update ya’ll in a few weeks on how well they hold up and if they can stand the test of time.

What things have you had to sacrifice for the time being? What do you miss doing the most? Sound off in the comments below! Leave suggestions on ways to get around businesses being closed!

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