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How do I always end up in the cosmetic section at any and every store I go to?  It’s uncanny!  Last week was no exception.  Grocery shopping in Walmart, I found myself wandering through the makeup and stumbled upon a few products that caught my eye.  Normally I can talk myself out of things; let’s be honest, I don’t need any of it.  But I couldn’t shake these lash products by Kiss.  A beautiful pair of magnetic lashes and an eyeliner lash glue.

The last few times I wanted to wear lashes, my patience ran thin and I ended up giving up.  I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on magnetic lashes.  If they work the way they claim they should, it could be life changing to those of us that enjoy wearing lashes on the daily.  And liner glue?  Never even heard of it!  So in the cart they went and I have since tested both out for an entire day to let you all know, is it a gimmick or are they legit?

Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I think we have all seen different versions of magnetic lashes.  The ones I had previously seen were fairly expensive for the liner and a pair of lashes.  But these Kiss ones were only about $15.  I got the style Tempt but they had a few different options.

The claims

The kit includes the eyeliner, which I did see was sold separately, and the lashes with 5 attached magnets.  The claims are

  • Long-Lasting
  • Reusable
  • No-Smudge
  • Biotin infused formula
“With enhanced & intensified magnetism, these DOUBLE-STRENGTH magnets will stay in place from day to night.”
Tips (according to packaging)

Pair Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner with your favorite regular eyeliner to create your desired look!

  • Freely swap between the other Kiss Double-Strength Magnetic lashes depending on occasions!
  • Make sure to fully draw in the Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner where the magnets will be touching for secure application.
  • Slide the lashes off the tray.  Do not pull.
  • Reapply 2-3 more coats for maximized strength.
To Remove:
  • Wet a cotton swab with an oil-based makeup remover.
  • Gently wipe away the eyeliner.
The Experience

The application process is pretty straight forward.  Line your eyes, apply lashes.  No glue – no mess.  Love that!  The eyeliner is your typical, liquid eyeliner with a small brush applicator.  My first time application was just a simple line above the lashes and I literally was able to just place the magnetic lashes where I wanted them.  Jump over to my IG to see exactly how the application went.  It was so quick and easy.  I didn’t have to wait for any glue to get tacky.  There was no fight with the lashes to get them where they needed to be.  My first impression had me sold!  Magnetic lashes from here on out!


Onto the wear test.  We were off to a great start.  I was blown away upon first impression.  However, I’ve seen it time and time again, products turn on me throughout the day.  The initial application was done around noon.  The goal was to get them to last until I started getting ready for bed (usually around 10).

My first check in was around 5 pm.  Everything was holding together and I had zero issues.  Even with the five magnets attached, I hardly felt them.  I was able to go about my day without worrying about them at all.

The next check in was around 9 pm.  Unfortunately, at this time I was fully aware of the lashes.  The magnets had lifted the liner off my lid and were barely hanging on by this point.

Now, just because these didn’t pass my 10 hour wear test, I’m not disappointed.  It was probably around 8 pm that they really started to go bad.  I am not going to give up on them just yet.  I will try other methods, such as applying a heavier layer and seeing in layering a regular eyeliner over the top will lock in the magnetic lash.  But for now if I had to rate this product I’d give it a solid 7/10.  My hope was (and still is) to find a lash that will last the full 10 hours to get me through an entire shift at work before they start falling off.  Is that really too much to ask?

Kiss Lash Glue Liner

This little fella caught my eye mostly because I have never heard of anything like this.  An eyeliner and lash glue all in one?  No!  It can’t be!  Why has no one ever done this before?  (Please let me know in the comments if there is any other brand with a product similar to this.)

The Claims

This is just your typical felt tip eyeliner.  But the magic happens with the application.  The claims are:

  • Matte Finish
  • Foolproof
  • Easy Touch-up
How to use
  1. Apply to clean, dry eyelids free of moisture or makeup.
  2. Starting with one eye, apply GlueLiner along your natural lash line, just like regular liner.  **When using Clear GlueLiner, apply your regular eyeliner over this product, not under it.**
  3. Before the liner has a chance  to dry on your eyelid, immediately apply your Kiss false lash strip band along the GlueLiner line.  Pat to set lash strip in place.  Repeat on your other eye.
  • Store GlueLiner vertically, cap side down, to prevent drying out.
  • As needed, clean the felt-tip with a lint-free cloth and/or makeup remover to remove any residue.
  • GlueLiner is formulated to last all day, but oily skin might require reapplication during the day.
  • Line your lid generously, with as much GlueLiner as needed to create a sufficient base for the width and length of the lash band you will secure to it.
The Experience

I found this applicator extremely easy to use. I was able to create a nice line right across my lash line. Admittedly, I feel as though I did make it a little too wide and should’ve kept it tighter to my lash line but hey, this was my first time. I didn’t know what to expect. I then was able to just place the lashes right where they needed to go, pat them on as stated in directions and there they stayed. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft this is, but I was instantly sold. Again, another product with no fuss, no mess, no waiting.  Just line and place.


Again, I applied these lashes around noon.  And again, first impressions left me speechless; so excited!  Will these stand up against the test of time?  I actually took an unexpected nap in them around somewhere around 4 waking up at about 5:30 pm.  To my surprise they were holding tight.  I ended up removing them around 10pm when I started getting ready for bed and they hadn’t budged.  This is a win for sure!  I have so many pairs of lashes I never use because I just don’t have the time or the patience to apply them.  This allows me to complete two steps in one.  It also left very little to no glue on the actual lashes after removal, meaning I will get longer life out of the lashes themselves!  My biggest complaint is that there was a lot of transfer to my upper lid.  But I do think that it had a lot to do with the way I applied the product.  With a little tweaking, I believe this is going to become a staple product in my collection.

Overall I give this product a 9/10.  This finish was matte and really nice.  Application was simple.  The only down side was the transfer, but like I stated, I believe that was my own wrong doing.  Also, for around $10 you really can’t beat it.
Watch how simple application is over on my IG account.

Final Thoughts

Two crazy Kiss products that sounded too good to be true.  Two days of testing.  The GlueLiner, in my opinion, came out on top.  This held up so well all day.  It even survived a surprise nap.  However, the magnetic lashes are a competitive contender.  They are definetly a good option if you’re in a hurry and want  to glam up your look in a few seconds.  I am interested to know, and please inform me in the comments if any of you have tested this out, does this magnetic liner (or any) work with any brand of magnetic lashes?

I would say these products tested to be legit!

Let me know of any other gimmicky products to test out in the future!  I’d love to put them to the test.

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    1. If you already have lashes that you want to use I would go with the GlueLiner. I also just recently found out that they offer it in a clear liner form and you can draw over it with regular liner!

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