How to Make Grocery Shopping with Children More Bearable

Have you ever tried going anywhere with more than one young child?  It can quickly turn into a nightmare.  The Grocery Aisles from HELL!  ?  If you’re lucky you get halfway through your grocery list before the negotiations begin;  If you’re a good boy, you can have a sucker when we’re done.  Well, I’m here to tell you how you can make grocery shopping with children more bearable.

I never knew how truly weak my will was until I had screaming children in the middle of the store.  Everyone staring at you, judging, or so you think.  I remember before I had kids thinking that the parents were fully to blame; they don’t discipline that spoiled brat enough.  When I have children they will never… but after kids my mind works completely different than before; What a little turd!  Hang in there mama!  Don’t give into their demands!  This is war!

Soon a peace treaty is formed and you are able to go one about your business. But the truth is you have a live grenade in your cart that could go off at any minute.  Your anxiety is peaking and you can’t concentrate on what you need.  By the time you get home, unload, and put away the groceries, you realize all the things you forgot.  

For me, those days are over.  I now only use the Walmart grocery app.  [not sponsored, but hey Walmart!  What’s good?]  It has literally cut down on time and even saves me money because there are no impulse buys.  It is so simple to use.  

Usually, I begin my grocery shopping a few days prior to when I want to pick them up.  This time allows me to go through the pantry, fridge, cabinets, freezer and really get a feel for what is needed.  I can even think about what dinners we’ll be wanting in the weeks to come.  [I usually get groceries every two weeks]. 

After you have virtually filled your cart, you can reserve a pick up time that is convenient for you.  Submit your order and then a Walmart angel does the grocery shopping for you!  When it’s time for you to pick up your groceries, check in on the app and they can actually track how long it’ll take you to get there so the can have it ready when you arrive!   There have even been times where they are walking out before I have pulled into a parking spot.

Thus far, every employee that has brought me my groceries has been extremely pleasant.  They must be hand picked because, I’m sorry, but when I think Walmart, I do not think customer service.  Anyways, they bring your order out, go over anything that may have been out of stock and substituted.  [an option you can opt out of at checkout].  If the substitution costs more than your original item, you get the better price.  That doesn’t happen when you’re the store!  After you sign for the order, they load it into your car!  You don’t even have to get out of your car!!  ?

This service has truly taken one of the most stressful tasks of my life and turned it into something so simple. Grocery shopping with children is possible! You just have to be smart about it!

Give it a try! By clicking here you can save $10 off your first order. You won’t regret it!

Have you ever tried online grocery shopping?  How was your experience?  Do you have any other tips and tricks on making a simple task, such as grocery shopping, simpler?  Leave a comment down below! 


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