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oVertone Espresso Brown

Quarantine Hair: Part Two

Did Overtone Save My Hair?

If you tuned in last week then you already are caught up on my hair journey thus far.  No clue what I’m referring to?  Check it out here .. don’t worry, I’ll wait.

All caught up with my green hair disaster?  Wonderful!  Let’s proceed.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking.  My hair journey should’ve ended there.  But shame on you for thinking I’m a quitter!

When we last left my hair, it was a presentable color but it was feeling like a pile of hay left out to bake in the hot sun.  I tried coconut oil masks, I tried protein masks, I tried argan oil, I basically tried everything I had in my hair arsenal.  And it would work for a few days and then after my hair absorbed every ounce of nutrients it needed, it would be left craving more.

I briefly shared my frustrations on my personal social medias and I had several friends and family members reach out to me and suggest I try oVertone.  After doing a little bit of research, I came to the conclusion at this point, it really couldn’t hurt.


What is Overtone?

Overtone is a healthy alternative to semi-permanent hair dye.  It is vegan & cruelty free.  They offer a wide variety of fun, vibrant  colors and natural colors; all available in a coloring conditioner.  There are also toner conditioners and daily conditioners to keep up with the vibrancy.

The main color conditioner that contains all of the rich, beautiful pigments is $29.  The daily conditioner is $18 or you can score both for $43.

My overtone Purchase


So after looking at each color, comparing it to where I was now, and trying to figure out what my end goal was here, I decided to go with Espresso Brown and I did purchase this bundle myself here.

The bundle included a coloring conditioner and a daily conditioner.  I was able to get about two uses out of the coloring conditioner and I used the daily conditioner about once a week.

Overall Experience With Overtone

After receiving the products, I got to work right away.  I read all of the instructions.  There really wasn’t a lot to it.  Place it on your hair as you would any other cream dye, wait, and rinse.  What made this product stand out from your typical hair dye is there was no damaging developer.   And my poor hair couldn’t handle anymore damage at this point.

Right away, I could feel a difference in my hair.  It was soft, shiny and finally felt like hair!  I do believe that oVertone got my hair back on track to healing and gave it the nutrients I didn’t know it needed.  Oh and did I mention, it smells amazing!  Not like burning or eye watering ammonia.

I didn’t use the daily conditioner until my first wash after applying the coloring conditioner.  I really liked the fact that they had developed a product that was designed to try and keep your hair to your desired color in between initial coloring sessions.  The biggest con is that it does temporarily stain your hands.  The instructions do recommend using gloves to avoid this but, just being honest with you and myself, I’m not about to put gloves on while I’m in the shower.  Just not happening.

Overall, I would say that my experience with oVertone was excellent!  I was so happy to be able to run my fingers through my hair again without the feeling that it might deteriorate in the process.  I was finally feeling myself again!


Have any of you ever tried oVertone?  What was your experience like?  Let’s talk hair!  Share in the comments down below!

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