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Turning My Part Time Job into a Career

Do you remember your first job?  Many of you, like myself, were probably in high school just trying to make a few extra bucks to buy those shoes your mom refused to buy or put some gas in your tank for those senseless nights of driving around aimlessly.  When I started my first real job, I had no expectations of ever receiving an anniversary letter of any kind.  It never occurred to me that I could turn my part time job into an actual career.

Just a Gas Station

If any of you live in the Midwest, then chances are you’ve heard of a little convenience store that is Quiktrip.  Now a days, it’s more than just a gas station but fifteen years ago, in the eyes of a sixteen year old girl with dreams of college and art school, it was just that; a gas station.  

I endured the training, did the dirty work, put in the hours but I was not expecting anything more than a paycheck.  A year went by, then two, then the fork in the road came: go off to college, put myself seriously into debt or take a promotion and make more money.  I pulled the classic I’m going to just take a year off card and went ahead a pursued the promotion.

Core Values

If Quiktrip teaches their employees anything, it’s their core values.  When it was originally opened by Mr. Chester Cadieux back in 1958, he had a vision, a dream.  He wanted an honest, caring environment for families to feel comfortable stopping by.  He implemented five values that not only apply in the work place, but in everyday life.

A Job Becoming a Career

Needless to say, I never made it to college.  I stuck it out and climbed to QT ladder to where I am today.  And there’s still plenty of rungs left.


Our records indicate that you will celebrate a milestone anniversary this year.

Chet Cadieux

I never would’ve imagined that just a gas station could lead me to where I am now.  I am able to support my entire family comfortably.  Through their unique benefits and 401K, I don’t worry about my family’s well-being or our future.  

I’ll forever be grateful for everything I have received and continue to grow through my career; for the coworkers that turn into family regardless where you come from, age, or position in the company.  Without each person, the company would not flourish.  I would not have lasted fifteen years.  I would not be looking forward to the next fifteen.

Thank You

Even though I received a letter thanking me for my commitment to the company, I want to thank the company.  A company I believe in.  A company that I’m excited to grow with because we are forever changing, learning, improving.  Thank you for allowing me to have a voice and not just another dime a dozen employee.  

I may not have much to compare it to, but I did it.  I turned my part time job into a full time career.  So don’t ever think you’re not worthy or good enough based on what you do. Life may not lead you down the path you thought you wanted. But trust the journey. It could end up better than you ever imagined.

To the world, I just work at a gas station.  But to my family, I work for a company that not only cares about me but them as well.  Don’t get discouraged.  You never know what the future holds. 

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