What’s in my Mommy Bag?

Recently I dumped my purse and the contents of it were laughable. I remember when my purse had a purpose. It was an accessory. It was a statement piece. I had several to switch back and forth from. But as of recently, it has transformed into something different. Now it is a mommy bag.

My boys are still reasonably young and have needs when we go out. I’m not looking to carry my purse on top of lugging around a diaper bag. We’re past the days of blowouts and emergency changes. So what exactly have I deemed essential? What do you find when you get to the bottom of your mommy bag?

Of course, there are the obvious things: wallet, money, debit/credit cards. But what do I find underneath all of those items? First I come across blackmail – fruit snacks, suckers, little baggies of crackers or cookies. These are great for when you need a distraction and a few moments of silence so you can think.

After that comes a couple of small toys; race cars, action figures, trains. These are still good for distractions but not so good for the silence part. Vroooooom! Through a few years of learning, this is good to avoid the toy aisle all together while shopping with the children. I try to switch it up every time so they think they got something new and cool.

Then, there’s the sanitation station in your bag – tissues, hand sanitizer, band-aids, and alcohol wipes. I’m a boy mom. You never know what to expect and must always be prepared.

Dig a little further you find mom’s stuff. There are my medications (prescribed and over the counter). I’ve got about one hundred lip glosses, lipsticks, and chapsticks. I refer to it as the lipstick graveyard. I’ll put it on, throw it in the bag and forget it exists till the day of cleaning out the bag comes.

Also, tell me if I’m alone on this one, but I am a gift card hoarder. I always receive them for holidays and birthdays but rarely use them because in my mind it’s for an emergency situation! Heaven forbid I actually spend it on something I want vs something I need. Currently, I’m probably sitting on close to 15 random gift cards. Ridiculous! I know, I know!! But I have used a few here recently due to things being tight and the state of the world right now. So am I crazy? Yes, more than likely.

I do miss the act of switching purses to go with different outfits and different occasions. I’m thinking about just getting a “me, myself, and I” purse to where I just grab my wallet and take it when I’m by myself, without all the extra stuff. Thoughts?

Again I ask you, what’s in your mommy bag? Any suggestions on what else I could jam in there? Or what can I ditch the lighten the load?

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!
Stay safe, happy, and healthy!


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